Brief introduction

Performing artist Delphine Mei will guide participants to explore spiritual and physical energies through dance and movements. Following the chakra tradition – psychic-energy centers in the body – and principles of Japanese butoh dance, the participants will begin with partial movement, then expand their focus to their entire body and sound, and experience the flow of their energies.


Delphine Mei
Delphine Mei is a multi-talented performing artist, mind-body shamanistic energy researcher and practitioner. She was invited to be the residency artist in American Foundation in Paris, Amsterdam etc., and also invited to perform in SOHO In Ottakring Biennial, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Onsite Music and Performance Festival Taiwan, MOCA Taipei, KABA International Performing Arts Festival. Her interviews can be seen in StigmaART Magazine, Make+ Shanghai, Stance on Dance America etc..