Ishinha, Asia’s premier avant-garde theatre troupe, is coming to Taiwan for the first and the last time. In this accessible workshop, the participants will experience firsthand the genius of Yukichi Matsumoto. Through basic dance steps and rhythmic exercises inspired by traditional Japanese theatre, the participants will discover their instincts for self-expression and creativity. The collective, mechanical movement employed in AMAHARA will teach the participants to gain control of their bodies and set their minds free in a meditative state.


Ishinha is a theatre group based in Osaka. Their style "Jan-Jan Opera" has been established since their play "Shonengai" in Shiodome, Tokyo in 1991. Jan-Jan refers to the old working class district of Osaka where Ishinha is based. Most of the lines are broken down into single words and performers speak in Osakan dialect with an irregular tempo. Ishinha believe that using an irregular tempo is the best way to show people what the Osakan dialect is like. Not only do they use Osakan dialect, Ishinha also use other Japanese dialects from several districts such as Kishu and Ryukyu as well as other languages such as Russian, Chinese, and Spanish. They also create their own language.

Not only is their speech style special, but their dance/movement is also difficult to define. The motion which is based on irregular tempo might be restricted and simple on the surface but by using many precise movements the motion is like a clockwork mechanism. When more than 30 performers are moving this way it has a celestial effect, like stars or another universe.