Liao Chiung-Chih, the legendary Taiwanese opera – gezaixi – diva and National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan will reunite again to present Liao Chiung-Chih, the Legendary Diva of the Taiwanese Opera and NCO. The classic opera discloses Liao’s life, her art, and her mother’s life. This multi-genre masterpiece blends traditional Chinese opera, contemporary theatre, classical Chinese music, dance, and original music. The stage presentation utilizes multimedia, lighting, and special effects to lead the audience on a journey to the past with the legendary Liao Chiung-Chih.


Liao Chiung-Chih
Ms. Liao is one of the most outstanding Taiwanese opera kudans (a sorrowful female character). Having nurtured countless famous students, she is regarded as one of the most important facilitators in the development of contemporary Taiwanese opera. At age 63, Ms. Liao received the Folk Artist Award, which is the highest honor in traditional art, and the National Award of Arts.

National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan
Administered by the National Center for Traditional Arts, the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan (NCO) is the national-level Chinese orchestra to come under the Ministry of Culture. It brings together some of the finest talent in the Chinese music community in Taiwan, and is dedicated to preserving tradition, while also embracing contemporary Taiwanese culture. Through producing and performing original work that draws on traditional Taiwanese music, The NCO incorporates a variety of other elements into its performances, including drama, dance, painting, poetry, and literature, giving their work a style that blends the innovative with the traditional.

Creative team

Executive Producer│ Wu Rung-Shun
Producer│ Liu Li-Chen
National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan
Lead Performers│ Liao Chiung-Chih
Conductor │ Yan Hui-Chang
Director│ Tai Chun-Fang
Playwright│ Shin Ju-Fang
Composer │Lu Liang-Hui
Songwriter │ Ko Ming-Feng