Kids was the first piece by an Asian choreographer Kuan-Hsiang Liu, presented in 2017 Aerowaves Spring Forward. The work was awarded the Taishin Arts Award in May 2017. This year, Kids will take audience on a spiritual journey that delves into difficult subjects of death and illness. With recordings of conversations between the choreographer and his late mother, the choreographer explores death and memories through movement in this tribute to his late mother.


Kuan-Hsiang Liu
A newly awardee of the 2017 Taishin Arts Award for his work Kids, independent choreographer Kuan-Hsiang’s creative pathway has been building up his physical language from personal life story and Taiwanese culture.
By the age of 28, he has been nominated for Taishin Arts Award, one of the most prestigious art awards in Taiwan, in four consecutive years: his first solo Hero (2014), Void (2014, collaborating with Taipei Chamber Singers), Wild Never Exist(2015) , and Kids (2016) which he had won the Taishin Award in May, 2017. Recently, he is commissioned by Cloud Gate Dance Foundation to create a new work, Karma.

Creative team

Choreographer/Sound Designer|Kuan-Hsiang Liu
Dancer|Kuan-Hsiang Liu
Lighting Designer|Chia-ming Liu