BOOM! breathes new life into the ancient tradition of masked theater, full of spontaneous improvisations with the audience, heart-touching drama, impossible skills and hilarious moments of sheer humanity. Peter Sweet and David Poznanter portray a cast of 6 characters who put on an entire circus, complete with slackrope, Cyr Wheel, juggling and live music.

Boom Circus

Shared passions for circus, theatre and music led Peter Sweet and David Poznanter to a friendship and professional collaboration that has spanned the past 20 years.In 2002 they founded the Dusk Beat Circus in San Francisco, and in 2003 they produced and directed the First Annual American Circus Festival.In BOOM!, they have joined forces with director Matteo Destro to create a show that pushes the boundaries of contemporary circus and mask theater.


Performers l David Poznanter, Peter Sweet
Director l Matteo Destro
Mask Masker l David Poznanter