Award-winning artists and Rare Revivals at Weiwuying Arts Festival 2017

Featuring top artists from Taiwan and around the world, Weiwuying Arts Festival 2017, October 27 to November 26, presents a dynamic program of 74 shows in 5 weeks.

“Horizontally, we embrace all sorts of art forms in this festival. Vertically, we try to increase the depth of programs. Works from prestigious theater groups to brilliant emerging performers are brought to the stage,”  said Chien Wen-Pin, Executive and Artistic Director designee.

Starting from 27 Oct, festival opens with Japanese renowned theater group Ishinha’s farewell performance AMAHARA – When a Gray Taiwanese Cow Stretched for 4 shows only, expecting to draw theater-lovers traveling across Asia.

The legendary Taiwanese opera diva Liao Chiung-Chih, and National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan will reunite again to revive the classic from 2008, Ms. Liao’s life story with traditional Chinese opera, contemporary theatre, dance, and original music.

With dance, choreographer Kuan-Hsiang Liu brings his award-winning work, Kids back to the stage of Weiwuying. Kids was the first piece by an Asian choreographer presented in Aerowaves’ 2017 Spring Forward Dance Festival.

Cincin Lee, the recipient of both the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Melody Award, brings her original composition and renowned movie soundtracks with Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra in Cin Cinema concert at the Pingtung Performing Arts Center.

Weiwuying Arts Festival tickets are now available at Arts Ticket. For more information, check our program page.