10.27-11.12 FRI-SUN 16:00-21:30

Weiwuying grounds are transformed into an evening market and a hub for social activities. Enjoy food and drinks from local vendors, shop for fresh produce at the farmer’s market, and browse through the arts and crafts stalls. Or just stay for the live music and comedy shows. Let art nourish your body and soul!

Food and Drink

Takao Brewing
With its complex aroma and creamy texture, this craft beer celebrates Taiwan’s unique culinary culture.
ALOHA Soya-mixed meat
This local favorite been selling unique braised tapas for over half a century.
Pesso sandwich
This Cuban-style sandwich brings slices of dream to Weiwuying.
Black Bridge
Black Bridge’s sausages and sausage buns are made with fresh ham and have been Taiwanese classics for over 60 years.
Rice Ball
Color and taste rich rice balls, the traditional rice culture to attract the market's warm love.
From farm to table, the seasonal, local fresh produce are the most cherished bounties from the land.
The gelato with locally sourced ingredients distills Kaohsiung's flavors into scoops of joy.
The homemade desserts will warm your heart like the sunshine in Southern Taiwan. All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. No chemicals added.
Cultural and Creative Partners
A combination of timeless design and functionality, these handmade accessories and reusable beverage totes will become your everyday staples.

Live Shows at the Weekend Market


GarsonPlay Studio 《Sold Out》

Believing in art’s power to sustain the society, the theatre troupe Garson Play’s humorous takes on everyday experiences has resonated with the audience. The troupe’s original productions include Garson Chen’s One-Man Show and Sold Out.

Ya-Chun Chang 《Ya-Chun San’s Island Chronicle》

Singer-songwriter and yueqin player Ya-Chun Chang’s music is rooted in Taiwan’s folk tradition. She will play traditional zithers yueqin (Taiwanese) and sanshin (Okinawan) and perform Taiwanese and Japanese folk songs, as well as her own original composition. Backup singer Kang Chu accompanies with guitar.

Denis Lin 《Slacking Senior Citizens》

Indie favorite Dennis Lin is known for his spontaneous life performances. WIth humor and gentle compassion, his music voices the millennials’ hope for social justice and a better future.

Dredres 《Dredres and Siruku Kungkuwan》

Hailed from Taitung, these two young songstresses specialize in the traditional tunes from the Tamromak Tribe. Their clean, unpretentious voices embody the pure spirit of Taiwanese aboriginal music.

L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre 《Harmony Grocery Store》

Founded by France-trained mime artist Suntek Yao, L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre aspires to bring pantomime to all corners of Taiwan and generate dialogues between people and their surroundings.

New Image Theatre Group《A Tribute to Classical Chinese Acrobatics》

New Image Theatre Group embodies the new face of traditional Chinese acrobatics. In a dramatic presentation, the troupe showcases the best of traditional Chinese acrobatics and Western-style circus art.