Hotter Than the Sun Music Festival

11.22(WED) - 11.26(SUN) 19:00-22:00



Enjoy a diverse program that features some of the most innovative musicians in Asia and traverse among genres, times, and places: demure traditional Korean music infused with hip-hop’s rapid-fire rhythm; the staccato of Japanese Tsugaru Shamisen paired with classical Japanese instruments; a soulful Taiwanese aboriginal singer-songwriter; an award-winning Hakka rock band; and an a cappella group that showcases the purity and complexity of human voices.


To enjoy the concert at easy, welcome to bring your picnic mats.


Rooted in Korea’s rich musical tradition, Coreyah breaks the barrier between the old and the new and expertly incorporates various world music heritages into its repertoire: Anglo-American rock, Balkan Gypsy, and hip hop. A winner at the Cheonchamanbyeol (all kinds of music) Competition and a finalist at Korea Broadcast System’s talent show “Top Band 2”, Coreyah has toured around the world and received the highest mark in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013.


From acclaimed Japanese Tsugaru Shamisen duo, Yoshida Brothers, Ryōichirō Yoshida brings the band Wasabi with equal ferocious energy and unconventional take on traditional Japanese music. With a larger ensemble that includes Tsugaru shamisen, shakuhachi (Japanese flute), Koto (zither), and Taiko (drum), Wasabi is able to achieve a more intricate sound and explore the intersection among folk, pop, and classical Japanese music.

Wu Hao-En

Wu Hao-En, a two-time Golden Melody Award winner, carries on the rich musical tradition of Taiwan’s Puyuma People. With music in his blood, he has a voice that spans a wide emotional range, at times intense, at others refined and gentle. The simple guitar accompaniment and no-frill arrangement summon the purest emotion that touches the depth of the soul.

ZiXuan & Slow Train

Formerly “Underground White Collars,” Zixuan & Slow Train is a collaboration of four independent musicians: lead singer Zixuan Huang, drummer Shi-Guo Hu, guitarist Chi-chen Chu, and Bassist Guan-ming Luo. Sung in the Hakka and the Taiwanese dialects, their music gives voice to the ordinary folks’ hopes and dreams, everyday travails, and nostalgia, all with compassion and a sense of humor.

O-Kai Singers

Winner of the Golden Melody Award, Hong Kong International A Cappella Competition, and Asian Cup A Cappella Competition, O-Kai Singers’ music is inspired by the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of the Atayal People, an aboriginal tribe in Taiwan. Sung in both the aboriginal language and Mandarin Chinese, the jazzy renditions of traditional tunes tell the stories from Taiwan’s aborigine’s earliest culture with a contemporary twist.