A ‘tender, post-apocalyptic love story’, The Wheel House is a rolling, acrobatic-theatre show, which unfolds inside and around a circular set as it moves, with the audience walking alongside. An enchanting story set in a dystopian future, at a time where survival relies on sharp eyes, quick hands and, above all, friendship. Join these traveller-gatherers on the road to nowhere: treading lightly, enduring quietly, and always, always moving onwards.

Acrojou’s flagship show, The Wheel House is the most widely toured Without Walls commission to date, touring worldwide since 2008. Stunning design and theatrical acrobatics housed in an exquisite, hand-built rolling theatre set, The Wheel House is a completely unique performance that captures the heart and imagination of every audience member.


Acrojou create highly visual circus and theatre performances for outdoor events worldwide. With backgrounds in circus, design, theatre and dance, they seek narrative at the meeting point of bodies, structures and materials. Their work is usually non-verbal, telling stories through physicality and visual design.

Creative Team

Conceived, designed and devised |Acrojou
Set |TMB Design
Performed |Barney White & Jeni Barnard
Technical production|Richard Mowbray
Costumes|Ilona Karas and Acrojou
Sound design|Acrojou
With initial direction |Flick Ferdinando