Based on the artist Sunteck Yao’s childhood memories, Harmony Grocery Store takes the audience back to a simpler time. A storyteller, a mime, and music from an earlier era bring to life Yao’s parents’ grocery store, which was the hub of the neighborhood and where Yao had spent many happy hours. Audience members are encouraged to “join the neighborhood” and partake in the raffles, a common event at the mom-and-pop shop. The show will take you on a time machine and transport you to the simple joys of yesteryears.

L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre

Founded by France-trained mime artist Suntek Yao, L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre aspires to generate dialogues between people and their surroundings. Through workshops and performances in all corners of Taiwan, L’Enfant S. has cultivated a younger generation of theatre enthusiasts.

Creative Team

Creator|Sunteck YAO
Co-Producer| Élise Yichih KUO
Performance Team|L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre, Iat Hou UN, Ling SU
Music|Tzu Mei LI
Pop-up Book Advising|Yi Hui Tseng