Let’s Pantomime!
Let’s Juggle!


Through pantomime, children will exercise their imagination and learn to express themselves through movement. Hands can transform into fluffy clouds; an invisible book can open up a new world; even the neck, this nondescript body part, can portray various animals. A mime is a magician of the body. Through imagination, children will find surprises in unlikely places and each will create his or her own stage.

Instructor:Suntek Yao

Suntek Yao studied pantomime in France. In 2011, he traveled in China and gave outdoors improvised pantomime performance for three months on a Cloud Gate Dance Theatre “Wanderer” grant. He founded L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre in the same year. Since then, he has led his troupe all over Taiwan, bringing people together through performing arts and sowing seeds of creativity in unlikely places.


Juggling benefits both the mind and the body: it increases your strength; trains the left and the right sides of the brain; and helps you focus and develop a sense of balance. Even more important, it’s fun! Children and those young at heart are welcome try your hands at juggling.

10:00-10:45| Ring Juggling
The instructor will demonstrate and explain basic techniques of ring juggling. participants will have the chance to practice throwing and catching.

11:00-11:45|Pile Up the Bricks
A popular technique in classical Chinese acrobatics. Participants will practice throwing and catching wooden blocks and learn how the experts defy gravity and make the bricks fly.

Instructor:Kwan-Hwa Wang

Kwan-Hwa Wang graduated from National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, where he studied with the acrobatics master Tang-Hwa Li. He has performed all over the world, and his work in preserving traditional Chinese acrobatics has received recognition from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, he has served as performance consultant to the Taiwanese pop singer A-Mei and the Korean band, Super Junior.