A circus show for all ages, with a high technical level, which combines acrobatics, juggling, music and work with objects (doors). Through the interplay between the visible and the invisible, and using the musical languages, humorous and poetic images and ideas emerge of great aesthetic power, take the audience on a captivating journey through the senses.

La Trócola Circ

La Trócola Circ is a circus company whose productions are based on the investigation with objects. From a clear commitment to innovation, they explore and stage various languages. In recent years La Tócola Circ has performed many performances with its first creation, POTTED.

The intention of the company is to continue with its stamp, showing a show of high technical level, which takes care of every detail to surprise and captivate the viewer.To the versatility and decontextualization of the object, is added the live music, contributed by the presence of two new artists.The growth of the team and the collective effort are consolidated as well as their method of work.

Creative Team

Artists|Jon Sádaba, Guillem Fluixà, Andrea Pérez, Jose Monreal, Aritz Sardina
Art direction|Lucas Escobedo
Acrobatic direction|Vitaly Motouzka
Original music|Jo & Swissknife
Coreography|Maite Moreno
Lighting design and technician|Manolo Ramírez
Scenery|San Martin & Co
Photography and video|Cristina San Martín