This show was created on request of the Festival d'Avignon, in the context of Les Sujets à Vif - SACD. it mixes Chinese pole and dance in a visual and fascinating performance.
Two Portuguese artists, João Paulo P. Dos Santos and Rui Horta, a choreographer, mix their experiences and influences to create a singular show in which they find their own unique language.
This show deals with their different perceptions of their bodies and objects. On an empty scene, with some objects, a Chinese pole and above all a body, João expresses his anger and his masterly skills between the sky and the earth, but also his exhaustion and his loneliness.
"My aim is not to be or not to be a dancer but to be in harmony with the Chinese pole and with my body" João Paulo dos Santos.

O Ultimo Momento

O Ultimo Momento is a Franco-Portuguese company, created in 2004 by João Paulo P. Dos Santos, Portuguese circus artist, and Guillaume Dutrieux, French musician. They met in 2003 within the 15th promotion of the Centre National des Arts du Cirque.

The company is based in France, but travels all around the world. It proposes shows especially based on Chinese pole, speciality of João Paulo P. dos Santos, but it is also open to other artistic fields like dance and video.
To date, João Paulo P. Dos Santos has created 5 shows and 2 short performances like « Contigo » which tours all around the world for more than 10 years. The last one, created in March 2017, is a new solo « Mundo Interior » with the Portuguese director João Garcia Miguel.

2017 Fall : João Paulo P. Dos Santos is to start a new creation with the Portuguese company Erva Daninha lead by the circus artist and director Vasco Gomes. The show will be thought like a bridge between two countries and two paths as an artist, the premiere will take place in Portugal at the end of the year 2018.

Creative Team

Authors|João Paulo DOS SANTOS, Rui HORTA
Interpretation|João Paulo DOS SANTOS
Music|Tiago CERQUEIRA et Victor JOAQUIM
Costumes|Pedro DOS SANTOS
Light design|Rui HORTA
Stage Manager|Elsa CAILLAT
Coproduction|O Ultimo Momento, Festival d’Avignon, SACD/Les Sujets A Vif, With the support of O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor o Novo (Portugal), Centro cultural Olga Cadaval